I'm Adam Norris, an accessibility developer based in Leeds, UK. I enjoy building user interfaces which are performant, progressively enhanced and work for a wide range of people in different scenarios.

Tech Stack

Here's some of the tools/tech I use on a regular basis:

Shout Outs

I am indebted to all the people in the web development community who give so much of their free time and expertise to make our industry a better place. In no particular order I'd like to thank the following people whose work has helped me become a better developer: Chris Coyier, Dave Rupert, Rachel Andrew, Jen Simmons, Miriam Suzanne, Ethan Marcotte, Jeremy Keith, Charlie Owen, Sara Soueiden, Sarah Higley, Eric Meyer, Laura Kalbag, Rob Dodson, Alice Boxhall, Tatiana Mac, Marcy Sutton, Heydon Pickering, Bruce Lawson, Adrian Roselli, Andy Bell, Scott O'Hara and Leonie Watson