Adventures in Ubuntu


For the last 15 years I’ve been a Windows man. Not by choice really but by routine. I first started on Windows 95, I’ve never been rich enough to afford a mac and I always assumed Linux involved some sort of ninja qualification in using the command line.

However, over the last few months I’ve gotten to that dreaded stage where Windows seems to be running slower and slower and gaining more and more bugs. Sadly it has become a stable part of my workflow to boot up my PC then go and make a cup of coffee while I wait for it to load. I even spent a whole weekend trying to speed it up using a whole range of anti-malware, registry cleaners and system tuning utilities (go to Filehippo for some great resources) but nothing really seemed to help. It was at that point I decided to invest some time and take the plunge into Linux.

After installing Ubuntu as a dual boot with Windows I immediately saw a vast difference. Programs loaded without a 3 second delay, the boot up time was reduced massively and everything just felt quick, responsive and lightweight. I am also really enjoying some of the other benefits of Linux such as the software manager which features masses of open source software available to install with a single click and the ability to easily customize my workspace the way that I like it. There’s also a bunch of handy features such as multiple workspaces, a great launcher toolbar and a UI/UX which is quick, sleek and very pretty.

And yes, I’ve had to use the command line and actually it’s really not that hard. Once you get your head around the file system and common commands it’s actually really useful with the bonus of making you feel like a super-smart hacker. So I’ve not given up on Windows entirely, but I think Ubuntu will now be my OS of choice for the near future.