Cast Away


When I bought a new TV a few years back internet TVs were new and expensive and way out of my budget. This has meant that if I wanted to show people YouTube vids or holiday photos on Facebook we’d all have to gather round a laptop in the kitchen or even look at them on my mobile phone.

Luckily Google’s Chromecast has the answer. It’s a small device which links into your TV via HDMI and allows you to stream a whole range of content from your smartphone / tablet or even PC straight onto your big screen TV. Apps can also be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store which allow you to play games on your TV, stream music, surf the web or even make your own music video playlist. What came as an added bonus though, was that my Nexus 7 tablet supports Chromecast natively which means I can cast anything on my tablet straight onto my TV in real-time.

Technology has moved on so much in the last 20 years it’s sometimes hard to imagine where it might go next, but I am firmly convinced devices like the Chromecast which allows your devices to link up and stream data from one to the other certainly makes for a brighter future.