Docs in the Cloud


I’ve been using the whole Microsoft Office suite for a long time now and although I dabbled in Open Office and Libre Office, the whole Word, Powerpoint, Excel combo has always been my one stop shop for creating documents. Recently, however, I needed some cloud storage space and decided to download Google Drive to back-up my photos and something compelled me to click on the ‘Create Document’ button just to see what the interface was like.

I’m so glad I did! The whole Google Docs system is utterly brilliant. It acts just like the familiar Microsoft programs except you can create and edit them on any device, anywhere in the world. What’s even better is the ability to share permissions with other people meaning you can all edit and update the same document which makes collaborative working a whole lot easier.

This also works for uploading and storing any type of file, so my wife and I can both take photos of our baby from our iphones and immediately upload them to my drive where the grandparents can view them any time they like. Now I know Microsoft have recently released Office 365 which is a similar idea but I think Google’s system is easy, efficient and reliable. Not to mention the free 15GB of storage they let you have! Either way, next time I need to write an essay or create a spreadsheet I’ll be using Google Docs.