Get Fit with Technology


Recently I was faced with a conundrum: either there was a worldwide conspiracy in which clothes were designed to shrink over time enabling companies to make millions from high stock turnover or I had put on some weight.

These days dieting advice is everywhere and there seems so many different choices. There’s Atkins, Cambridge, Slim-fast, Weighwatchers, Alkaline and 5:2 to name just a few. I even remember someone once saying there were on all bread diet (which seriously does not sound like a good idea). So in the abundance of confusion I turned to technology.

Health tech has really took off recently. The Android and Apple stores have a bunch of fitness and exercise apps to download, there is a growing range of wearable technology and iOS now ships with their own health app built in.

Wanting to keep things simple (and free!) I decided to download the most popular app: My Fitness Pal. You start by entering your key data such as height, weight, age and how much you want to lose per week and the app works out how many calories you can consume per day. This seems sensible advice to me, eat more calories than you burn in a day and you will gain weight, eat less and you will lose weight.

The great thing about My Fitness Pal is it has an enormous library of foods to choose from (even including specific supermarket brands and fast-food) which means you don’t have to manually type in the calories you have eaten. You can also integrate many of the popular fitness apps such as Map My Ride or Fitbit which means your calorie allowance will be automatically updated based on how much exercise you’ve done.

Finally, there is the option to use social media to create a group of friends who you can compete with and see who can achieve their goals the quickest (because nothing stops you eating that extra slice of pizza when you know you are being watched). As for me, I’m going to keep it up for a few months and see if I can shed those few extra pounds. Will it work? Well, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.