Keeping up with the Web


I have a friend who’s been a web developer for over 10 years. When asked about what his job involves he replied ‘I basically have to re-learn everything, everyday’.

Web development is a fast paced and ever changing industry. Popular tools and common practices from even just a few years back are now obsolete. In another few years the things we think are cutting edge now will be old news and something new will have taken their place.

At first glance it can seem overwhelming to keep up with all the new ideas, frameworks and tools which appear almost daily, but it’s also what makes this such an exciting field to be working in. I’m definitely no expert, but here are some of the things I do to keep up to date with what’s happening with the web.


There are tons of excellent websites which provide content on a number of web related subjects. Some sites (such as require a subscription to access courses, some allow you pay per course (such as Udemy) and you can even find some really good free content on video sharing websites (such as YouTube). Here are some popular YouTube channels.


Podcasts are a great free resources for keeping up to date with web development. New and relevant content is usually supplied weekly and best of all you can listen to it on the move. Many podcasts often have a guest speaker from the industry which can help give you valuable insights into how other companies and individuals build their websites.


It’s still possible to get a lot of the knowledge you need from books (and e-books) and publishers such as Sitepoint or O’Reilly have most areas covered. There are also some industry must-reads such as ‘Don’t Make Me Think’ and ‘Javascript: The Good Parts’ which are worth having a read at some point. However, to keep up to date with new trends you’ll probably need to subscribe to some newsletter such as Web Design Weekly and Web Dev Weekly or follow some popular blogs such as the one’s listed below.


In web development, however much you know, there will always be someone smarter than you. Following key people in the industry allows you to keep up with current trends and what people are talking about.

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Although most information can be found online it’s no substitute for the kind of things you can learn from a group or conference. It gives you a chance to ask questions, network with people in your area and talk about the pros and cons of the web industry.