Front-End Developer


X – The Ultimate Theme?

There’s been a recent growth in Wordpress themes which aim to allow you to create a variety of website styles instead of working with just a single theme. ‘X’ by Themeco is one of these which looks particularly promising.

Download Your Facebook Content

Nowadays we rarely print out photos as we know we can get them anytime from the ‘cloud’, but have you considered what would happen if all your digital content somehow got deleted?

My Rubik’s Challenge

Solving a Rubik’s cube has almost been on my wishlist of things to do. How hard could it really be?

Get Fit with Technology

Recently I was faced with a conundrum: either there was a worldwide conspiracy in which clothes were designed to shrink over time enabling companies to make millions from high stock turnover or I had put on some weight. These days dieting advice is everywhere and there seems so many different choices. There’s Atkins, Cambridge, Slim-fast, […]

Smartphone Vs. DSLR: Top Tips

Ever since the digital revolution, people have been buying more and more cameras. It’s now pretty common for most people to have a point-and-shoot compact camera lying somewhere in their house, and quite a few of these people own a more expensive DSLR as well. The problem is that because of the extreme growth and […]

Docs in the Cloud

So, I’ve been using the whole Microsoft Office suite for a long time now and although I dabbled in Open Office and Libre Office, the whole Word, Powerpoint, Excel combo has always been my one stop shop for creating documents. Recently, however, I needed some cloud storage space and decided to download Google Drive to […]

Photoshop Witchcraft

Recently I received some work from a client which involved creating and editing lots of images to fit in with their Magento website. I didn’t have Photoshop at the time as I don’t generally do much design work so I’m used to relying on tools such as and online image editors. However, I took […]

Adventures in Ubuntu

For the last 15 years I’ve been a Windows man. Not by choice really but by routine. I first started on Windows 95, I’ve never been rich enough to afford a mac and I always assumed Linux involved some sort of ninja qualification in using the command line. However, over the last few months I’ve […]

Speed up the Web

The web is an ever-changing entity. With the rising use of smartphones, tablets and other touch screen devices it is becoming more and more likely that somebody will want to view your webpage on a slow internet connection such as 3G. This is fine of course, I would estimate I use my phone for more […]


Let me start of by saying I’m not exactly the world’s greatest quiz player. In fact I seem to be missing the trivia part of my brain, so the prospect of pub quizzes doesn’t usually excite me – until now that is. Speedquizzing is a system whereby a quizmaster hosts a quiz from a laptop […]