After a number of years as a front-end developer I've come to realise that my passion for the web sits in the idea of inclusive design - the idea that the web should be accessible to all.

I've set up this blog to record and share some of the ideas and techniques I've learned which help make a website more accessible.

To help keep me on track, I'll be following these guidelines:

  • Write for myself - Creating a blog is difficult as it feels like you need to create the definitive guide on a subject which often leads to nothing ever being published. Instead, I'll aim to write content which I myself would have liked to have known and would have found helpful.
  • Be humble - Admit when I don't know something or when I'm unsure of how something works. This will help mitigate potential errors and bad advice I may suggest.
  • Credit others - There are a number of fantastic resources (and people) working in the accessibility space and I will endevour to give them credit or link to their work where appropriate.
  • Iterate - Getting things right first time is a rare occurance. In cases where I learn I've done something wrong I will update my blog accordingly. If its adds value I may leave the original mistake in as a warning.

I wish myself happy blogging!