Retro Gaming in an Afternoon


I’ve spent a lot of time making webpages and writing code in various languages but to create your own game must be really difficult, right? Well that’s what I thought until a friend asked me to have a look at Stencyl – a GUI editor for making games which work across multiple platforms. The interface is very similar to MIT’s Scratch which I’d used back when I was a teacher to help children grasp the logic of programming, and Stencyl feels just like a more grown-up version.

They have a good Crash Course which takes you through all the basics and some advanced features of the application and within 30 minutes you can make a simple, albeit effective, space invaders type game. Having played around for a few hours I did notice the occasional bug creeping in and sometimes you can get a bit lost looking for a certain menu feature but with experience I think it’s a good quick way of creating a simple retro style game.