Smartphone Vs. DSLR: Top Tips


Ever since the digital revolution, people have been buying more and more cameras. It’s now pretty common for most people to have a point-and-shoot compact camera lying somewhere in their house, and quite a few of these people own a more expensive DSLR as well.

The problem is that because of the extreme growth and improvement of smartphone cameras (currently the iphone5 is the most popular camera on Flickr) you no longer need a fancy camera to get some good pictures. This is mostly true, but if you use your DSLR in the right place and with the right settings then there are times when it blows a smartphone right out of the water.

Tip #1: Get a flash and bounce it.

I see so many people take their fancy DSLR to a wedding or Christening and then fire the pop-up flash straight at their subjects. This creates harsh light and shadows which look unflattering and amateurish. Always try to bounce a flash off a ceiling or wall if you can (or at least use a diffuser), the difference is incredible.

Tip #2: Use your aperture setting

One of the best things about a DSLR (which a smartphone doesn’t do well) is shallow depth of field. If your taking a portrait picture of someone it’s usually a good idea to stick your camera into the widest aperture the lens can do (f2.8 is perfect). This will create beautiful, soft professional looking backgrounds.

Tip #3: Use the focus points

Whenever I ask a stranger to take a picture of my and my wife together it’s almost guaranteed that we’ll will both be completely out of focus. Learning to use the focus points on the camera will make sure that you have pin sharp resolution where you want it (nearly always the eyes).

I have to admit, my smartphone has taken over 80% of my photography needs, but when it’s a special occasion and I want to get some incredible, professional looking pictures I will still always take my DSLR with me.