Let me start of by saying I’m not exactly the world’s greatest quiz player. In fact I seem to be missing the trivia part of my brain, so the prospect of pub quizzes doesn’t usually excite me – until now that is.

Speedquizzing is a system whereby a quizmaster hosts a quiz from a laptop and teams take part by downloading an app called Speedquizzing Virtual Buzzer. The questions are then read out by the quizmaster and each team has 10 seconds to type in their answer before that particular question is closed and the host receives the scores. The questions usually come in the form of either multiple choice, letters, or numbers which all display a different interface on your screen. This means that the quiz runs at a much quicker pace than usual and the interactive element is a lot of fun.

What I really like though, is the ability to download the software for free and host your own Speedquiz in your own home. Unfortunately you are only allowed to connect 4 devices on the free version but this is usually enough teams for a house party get together and the software does come with a couple of free quizzes so you can start straight away.

Overall, it’s a really good idea: no more waiting around for answers, no more cheating on phones and no more arguments over the quality of somebody’s handwriting! Download the software or find a Speedquiz near you to give it a go.